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Jivanam Yoga and Ayurveda | Yoga and Ayurveda


Yoga and Ayurveda: ancient sciences that build and maintain optimal health so we can live life to the fullest.  Both traditions hold that the cornerstone of radiant, sustained health is a strong and resilient body-mind paradigm.  Ayurveda — the oldest continuously practiced medical system on the planet — can help us obtain and maintain this optimal state. 

Whether your goal is improved sleep, optimized digestion, greater immunity or addressing chronic health issues such as allergies, food sensitivities, chronic pain and more, Ayurveda has answers.  Here you’ll discover more about me, how Ayurveda can unlock the vast healing potential already present within you — and how we can work together to optimize that process.  Interested in working together?  Let’s make it happen!

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